Meet Our Team


Meet Laura

Laura has been involved in mission work through Salkehatchie Summer Service since she was 15.  After graduating with a B.A. in Interior Design, she realized God was calling her to the mission field.  He has given her a passion for people who are hurting, especially those trapped in human trafficking.  One Accord has provided a great way to fulfill her desire to help give people hope and empowerment, through the products carried in the store.  She is excited to see what God has planned and how He will use her.  Laura married her sweet husband Dustin in November of 2014 in Pendleton, SC, where they met at Salkehatchie. 



Meet Bryan

Bryan has always enjoyed working with his hands so, after he and his wife Beth retired in 2013, he began cutting down trees on his family farm to make wood serving trays. He then moved onto working with different metals, and because Beth enjoyed jewelry so much, Bryan and Beth both began creating unique jewelry out of a variety of metals.   After realizing that they had probably gifted their family with enough of their handmade pieces, they decided to start selling them.  They soon began attending arts and crafts shows and were very pleased when they quickly started selling many of their pieces.  

Needing a home, they decided to setup their shop in One Accord and “Shudwe Farm Woods & DuRant Jewelry” was born.  "This has been a fantastic experience for both of us.  It is the only business of its type in the area.  There are 15+ vendors located at One Accord and each business seems to complement one another."

People often ask Bryan and Beth where the name "Shudwe Farm Woods" came from.  It all started in 1963 when Bryan's father (now 93 and a retired dentist) bought some property in the country.  After buying the property it took a couple of years for him, and Bryan's mother, to decide if they actually wanted to move there.  While trying to make the decision they often asked "should we or should we not?"  They did eventually move in 1965 and shortened "should we" to "Shudwe," thus naming their new home "Shudwe Farm."