Not Your Grandma's Culottes

blue and white culottes fashion lace navy one shoulder summer top

Culottes are back and better than ever! I don't know about you, but I remember my GeeGee wore culottes all the time! So over the last few years I've been a little unsure when I would see them in stores, because, no offense to GeeGee, I don't want to look like a grandma in my 20s! 
2018 is the year that I have decided culottes look modern and that I would wear them! I can't get over these lace ones. I love that they aren't fully lined - I'm a lace girl so I love that it's accented here. These are perfect for summer events, the beach, or just your average Tuesday! I love them paired with this navy one shoulder top - this outfit is such a modern twist on the classic navy and white! 
Use discount code CULOTTES for 20% off this outfit! Yes, top and bottoms!! 

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